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I am a journalist, editor, and copywriter based in Berlin, Germany. 

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Introduce Yourself To… Chris Watson

Hi Chris! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

So, Chris, you’ve enjoyed an incredible career in sound and recorded in some of the most remote and beautiful locations in the world. Is there a particular location that still lingers in your mind?

Yeah, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many special locations, but the polar regions have a special magic about them. They’re like nowhere else on this planet. Now that doesn’t mean they’re my favorite places to visit necessarily, but it does

Maya Shenfeld: A Sonic Adventurer

Maya Shenfeld is a Jerusalem-born Berlin-based musician and composer. Though a classically trained guitarist, Shenfled isn’t afraid to experiment, tamper with, and test the limits of music, and her recent album titled Free Fall is a fine example of that. Whether it be through hallowed recording locations or unconventional inspirations, Maya continues to evolve her music in a way that keeps her audience on their toes, and this month, she’ll be sharing her industry knowledge via an online workshop

Berlin's Podcasting Network, Production House and School

Berlin is a pretty happenin’ city, but staying on top of its huge array of niche and wonderful events can feel like a chore. That’s why we’ve handpicked a simple and varied calendar just for you. The Bear Radio Calendar is a curated selection of events that’ll keep your curiosity fed, your small talk sparkling and your social schedule brimming with excitement. Here’s what we’re up to for the next month…

Lakeside Film Festival

The Lakeside Film Festival isn’t just held in a former DDR holiday

Berlin's Podcasting Network, Production House and School

Julie Merica is the creator, host, and advice aficionado behind the podcast, Make Your Damn Bed. Empowered with an infectious aura and a truly rare sense of empathy, Merica makes for a sharply keen podcast host. However, as the captain of her daily podcast, she also makes for an in-demand agony aunt and alarm clock too. In fact, so many individuals choose Julie’s voice to soundtrack their mornings that Make Your Damn Bed recently graced the top of the Spotify charts. We sat down to talk to Julie

Berlin's Podcasting Network, Production House and School

Hi Paul! Please introduce yourself and your podcast to our readers. Hello! My name's Paul Hanford and I am the host of the Lost and Sound podcast. And where would you like to grab coffee today? Today we are going to get the U-Bahn to Boddinstrasse and get coffee at Isla. You’re someone whose career has an extremely diverse relationship with sound. Taking things back to a young Paul, who you once described as “a weird kid who couldn’t express themselves in a recognized way to get ahead at school”

Berlin's Podcasting Network, Production House and School

Jill Beytin and Julia Joubert aren’t just the founders of Bear Radio, they’re also formidable voices in the podcasting sphere, and their latest show URSA is a testimony to that. Empowered with a mission to pass forward their industry knowledge to novice producers and share human stories that matter, URSA is a vehicle that comfortably carries both important news and tickling nonsense. Not only is the show expertly steered by the duo’s impressive irrefutable experience, but it’s also seamlessly gu

Berlin's Podcasting Network, Production House and School

At Bear Radio, we love podcasting, but we also just love audio that moves people, and there are few mediums that hold emotive medium in a pillared stronghold than film. Lucas Carey is a music composer and producer who understands that spirit, and its power, thoroughly and who leads with it throughout his work. We sat down with him to discuss his attraction to film scoring, the flexible nature of his creative process, and settle the time-old debate of music vs. podcasts. Hi Lucas! Please introduc

Berlin's Podcasting Network, Production House and School

Kelsey McKinney is a journalist, co-founder, devoted gossiper, and parent to the podcast Normal Gossip. Geared with a mission of delivering juicy, funny, and utterly banal gossip about strangers, her hit show offers its listeners a weekly hour of silliness and a one-way ticket to a priceless fizzy feeling. We sat down with Kelsey to talk about her passion for gossip, the origin of her show, and the importance of escapism. Hi Kelsey! Please introduce yourself and your podcast to our readers.


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